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The objective of this Grundtvig learning partnership is to examine the topic of "disadvantage" and how an educational response to disadvantage might be convened ie. identifying the educational needs of disadvantaged adults, organizing courses to fill these needs and adopting strategies to remove barriers that may exist to their participation in education.

First of all we will start with personal research within each of the associated institution to identify who are the "disadvantaged". It may vary from one country to another and from one institution to another. Perhaps people who have left the educational system without basic literacy skills, without vocational skills or qualifications; mentally or physically handicapped people who find it difficult to follow the curriculum; people who would like to have further studies but face problems when trying to attend classes due to the distance, working hours, immigrants, unemployed, retired, single parents etc.

Once we have examined our own situation, we will go one step forward and examine the response given to disadvantaged people by the educational administration and, particularly by our institutions: whether they have any support, grants, suitable timetables and shifts, adapted materials and curriculum, specially trained staff, tailor-made courses, and so on.

The partners will research, analyze and compare the best practise in each of the partner institutions in order to implement and disseminate them both at an institutional, local, regional and, if possible national levels. Following this we intent to implement the best practice that we have observed in order to make a return to education possible for disadvantaged people and provide the necessary supports to help them achieve their educational goal.

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